2013 Quilt List

It appears that I am both easily distracted by pretty pictures of quilts and have too little time on the sewing machine so this is my official list of quilts to help me remember want to make this year. I love lists. I am forever, writing them down and ticking things. They help keep me on track and stop me from forgetting (most of the time) important things I need to remember. The most used lists end up laminated and taped to the back of the pantry door but this list is just going to sit here on this blog and I hope to add to it over the course of the year and, more excitingly, cross this off as the year goes on.
1.  Finish Zara's squares quilt.
2. Bungle Jungle triangle quilt for Sweetie.
3. Swoon quilt for G.
4. Family of quilt for Mum.
5. Voile hourglass quilt.
6. A couple of picnic quilts using layer cakes.
7. A couple of stroller quilts.
8. Pieced apple quilt.
9. Couch quilt in the style of Delilah's quilt.
Naturally, the list of quilts that have actually been made at the end of the year may look very different to the list above but hopefully this will help me get more sewing done in 2014 than I did in 2013.
Do you have big plans for 2014?


Julie said…
Wow that's a lot of quilts, especially as you hand quilt don't you? When you asked this question last year I think I said a quilt for my youngest Lily and that still hasn't been made, so I guess that is top of the list, though I'm currently working on a quilt for a friend's 40th.
The Coffee Lady said…
I just want my broken sewing machine back ;(

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