C always has the most wonderful Christmas wishes. They are never influenced by things she has seen on tv or toys that other kids have but are, somehow, genuinely heartfelt desires. Last year she wanted a mama lamb and a baby lamb and this year she asked Santa for a red and pink fox and a snuggly robe. NB It is not easy to find a snuggly robe during an australian summer.

I am happy to say that, thanks to Fiona Dalton's wonderful book Hop Skip Jump Toys I was able to help Santa's elves make this sweet little fox. Al;though I do wish I hadn't used any cream fabric and had made him all pink and red. I also shouldn't have used red thread because that shows up quite a lot on the lower parts of his arms and legs but since this is my first ever soft toy I am pretty pleased how it turned out. 

C has named him foxy loxy and he has already been to the beach, had chocolate ice-cream dripped on him and been left out in the garden after dark. I'd call that a success!
He is sitting in C's quilt on her bed. I don't think I have posted about that finished quilt yet. I'll take some photos of it and do that soon.
PS Eleanor from the Comment Box is back!


Michelle said…
So adorable. You're so talented and such a great mom. They're lucky to have you.
Julie said…
that fox is fabulous.

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