Christmas and the lead up to it is such a busy time of the year but it is so full of goodness that I have learned it is best to just take a deep breath and let myself be taken by the current. The current in this case being end of the school year busyness, G's graduation from primary school, the end of pre-school for JW, J's 8th birthday, Oma's birthday, my dad's anniversary, lots of Christmas parties for Mr Duyvken, carols and parties with friends and a nasty bout of gastro to round it all out. 

A huge storm rolled in on Christmas Eve and when we came out of mass heavy raindrops started to fall breaking the intense humidity of the evening and promising a cooler Christmas Day. We stayed up late watching the lightning, grateful for our leak-free home and for all the work that Mr Duyvken has done in the past year. This was our first Christmas in the new kitchen and living room and it was wonderful to feel that, even though it was pouring with rain, there was room for all of us. The little duyvkens did a kris kringle this year and they shared those gifts on Christmas Eve. They drew names out of a hat, did some chores to earn money for shopping and then we all went up to Kmart where they earnestly looked for things that their person would like. They picked some great gifts and, honestly, they are the things that have been played with the most. It is my new favourite Christmas tradition and I am looking forward to doing it every year.

We didn't go up north to spend Christmas with Mr Duyvken's folks this year so it was just the 7 of us celebrating with my mum and my sister. It was low-key, relaxing and very beautiful.


Mary said…
that cloud photo ? Is it my imagination or does the cloud look like a Christmas Tree?

Your Christmas sounds beautiful. xxx
blackbird said…
Christmas at your house sounds dreamy.
Michelle said…
I also think the cloud looks just like a christmas tree. May you have a wonderful Christmas season; from my family way out here in Massachusetts.

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