On Kindness

A short list of a few of my favourite things.
1. Etsy and other sites that allow small artists, crafters, artisans and dabblers to share, showcase and sell their work. These 2 pictures below (a Tim Doyle screenprint and Matte Stephens print) were bought directly from the artists for a very small price and I love them. The emails back and forth about the Tom Doyle print were particularly delightful and, given that he kindly offered to let me buy one prior to the official release date as long as I kept it on the QT and the print is specifically about kindness, particularly apt. It took me a while to get around to framing them but here they are, ready to hang. The Matte Stephens print is for the boy's room and the Be Kind screenprint will be hanging in the living room. A shout out to blackbird who helped me track this down over a year ago. 

2. Knee socks. I mean, honestly, have you ever?

3. Jam slice. Although the jam layer in this one was very runny, should I try adding some cornstarch or a little flour to it next time?

4. Really good test results for my beautiful mum. 


Mary said…
All so lovely but particularly the news about your mum.
Suse said…
Good news. And gosh that lassie looks like you in that photo.
Eleanor said…
Best post ever!!!
Julie said…
Socks! With spots!

Also do you know tiny showcase? Small printed works by artists at decent prices with a bit going to a charity of the artist's choosing.

Julie said…
I was so taken with the socks I didn't notice, until now, the teapots. I mean really.

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