Sewing for the Time Poor

This might be my fastest, and most satisfying project yet. In just a couple of hours I completed a snuggly, ruffly blanket for a sweet new baby girl. And if I hadn't spent so long making the ruffles it would have been even quicker. (Note to self: buy a ruffle foot). 

I used a tutorial from The Little Fabric Blog and the instructions were very easy to follow. She skips over the bit about how to join the two ends of the ruffle strip but I treated it as it if it was regular binding and it worked quite well.

This is their first baby and since they didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl the nursery is quite neutral. They have decorated the nursery beautifully and have put a big tree and owl decal on the wall so I searched my local fabric shop for something pink and owlish and came home with this forest life fabric.

I poured some extra love into this one because baby Emily's joyous birth comes at a very sad time in her family. Will she feel that? Probably not, but she will love playing with those soft minky dots and having those ruffles tickle her sweet little toes.

Welcome to the world, Emily Elize. It's a wonderful place.


Julie said…
I love this. Love the fabric too. My friends seem to be largely done having babies sadly.
blackbird said…
Aren't you the sweetest friend?
The Coffee Lady said…
I think she is, Blackbird.
Eleanor said…
Yes, she definitely is.

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