Pillows for Pre-School

JW's pre-school is an amazing place and we feel pretty lucky that she and C have had the opportunity to spend time there. C was lucky enough to have 2 years of pre-school but, because of where her birthday falls, JW will only have 1 year before heading off to big school. Term 4 has just begun and I can't quite believe that I am turning my mind to orientation mornings, information nights and end of year preparations. With this in mind I have been more aware of how special JW's 2 days a week at pre-school are and how much I will miss this place, and the wonderful teachers there, next year.

One of her favourite things at school is the reading corner. It's a special nook set up for comfy reading and often when I pick her up she is sitting there listening to a story being read aloud. The cushions are looking a little worn so I made a few new ones to brighten the space up for the rest of the time that JW is there and to make it a little cheerier for all the kids who will be there next year. She picked a bright donkey fabric and a striped fabric that I had in my stash and I got to work.

I dropped them off this afternoon when I picked JW up, she was very pleased to see the cushions in their new home. They're a very simple envelope backed cushion cover but they make a big difference to the space. I did a simple tutorial while I was making them so if you'd like to make some too click here for the pictures.
It felt so good to be sewing again.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


Julie said…
I love that fabric. I made a little baby quilt using the same fabric but in a different colourway for a friend a while back. Senor Burro I think?

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