Log Cabin Framed Birds for Delilah Rose

Once upon a time, let's call it the late '80s, Duyvken was a high school student with braces, fuzzy hair and a shy disposition which meant that she plenty of free-time on weekends. The couple across the street had a very busy social life and two lovely young children who needed a babysitter, and so a very happy arrangement began.
For $7.50 an hour I spent a lot of time and their house and loved every minute of it, even long, late nights watching dodgy music videos on MTV. L and G were pretty special kids with amazingly vivid imaginations and a really strong sibling bond. I loved watching them move from toddlerhood to primary school and then, even though I wasn't really babysitting them anymore, beyond that from across the street at mum and dad's place.
So, when I heard that L was going to become a father I knew I wanted to make something special for that sweet baby. L and his wife, although so much younger than I, have done some amazing things and I am sure there are many more amazing adventures ahead of them so this quilt had to be able to stand up to the possiblity of WOOFing through Europe, be a soft spot for Delilah to lie while mum and dad work in developing nations, fit snuggly in the cot at home in England and be a cosy comfort on long haul flights back to Sydney to visit the Gramps.

Some cotton fabrics, soft minky backing, some embroidery, my first ever quilt ties and several months later and I have finished a nice practical quilt for a much loved baby girl.

Welcome to the world, Delilah Rose and lots of love to L, who taught me that you really can grow up to join the circus, and N who gets to be a mum for the first time which is, HANDS DOWN, the best feeling ever.

With lots of love from your old babysitter, A.


Frogdancer said…
Lovely! (Both the quilt and the story.)
Eleanor said…
That's divine Duvvy xxxxxx

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