On the last day of the school holidays we went to Bradfield Park to meet up with Mr Duyvken for lunch. The weather was beautiful and we played and chatted and ate and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the harbour. Mr Duyvken and I got engaged here many moons ago so it is one of our favourite spots. He is very lucky to work in such a beautiful spot. 

This tree with the people sitting underneath it enjoying the shade reminds me of a painting. I wish I could remember who it was by so that I could link to it for you.

We got through this in an embarrassingly brief amount of time. We have 7 serious eaters in this house and fried food is such a treat we didn't want to waste any of it. The scent of sunscreen, the rustle of fish'n'chip paper and the warmth of the sun on our bare skin herald summer and we are ready!


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