..and then I made a mirkin

Yes, I really did. Not intentionally of course but when I sewed the final stitch and laid it on the table the first thing I saw was this...
...and not the badger's tail I was hoping to produce. I actually made about half a dozen of them before I noticed the similarity to the old map of Tasmania. Although these days, with pubic grooming being what it is, perhaps the young folk won't notice?
I was helping out with book week preparations for J's class. His wonderful teacher, Miss M, was gearing the kids up to all be characters from Fantastic Mr Fox, a book they have been reading in class, and I volunteered to help. The kids were making most of the costume in class (masks, hessian bags stuffed with newspaper and a few feathers to make them look like bags full of chickens, empty milk bottles with CIDER labels on them, farmer's hats, etc) and I thought I could assist by sewing up a few furry tails for the foxes and the badgers.
Spotlight had plenty of fur fabric and tape for the waist ties. The fox tails were pretty straight forward but I have no idea what a badger's tail looks like and, in retrospect, I probably should have done a little research before I got started. However, in my defence, I only had Sweetie's naptime to get this done and it really didn't seem like it would be so difficult.
The delightful Miss M has a good sense of humour and the year 2 kids are beautifully naive so, after having a good giggle with me about it, she decided to use them anyway. It was quite a hoot.

It was JW's first book parade and she chose to go as Doodle from the Doodle Bites book. Thankfully, as we already had a croc costume on hand that was much easier. She was an adorable crocodile, don't you think?


blackbird said…
I think you have a future on Etsy.
Frogdancer said…
That's hilarious.
And so is Blackbird's comment!
Blog editor said…
I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to read this over breakfast - thank for a laugh to start the day!
Jill (Sydney)
Julie said…
she is a very sweet crocodile. I entirely agree with your comments about pubic grooming. My understanding (from a friend who works at The Royal Women's) is that anyone born after 1980 is highly unlikely to recognise a map of tassie - unless, you know, it is actually a map of tassie.

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