Last week we celebrated my 38th birthday, Grace's 12th birthday, our 13th wedding anniversary and Father's Day. It is a crazy time of year for us and I always find myself wishing I could slow it down just a little but since it coincides with the end of the soccer season I can't. Every year this week is bookended by soccer gala day and presentation day. Usually there is a little respite but this year I have enrolled J for cricket and that starts on Saturday. Madness.

Do you like the handprint on that cake? That was either JW or Sweetie - both claim innocence and we were too busy eating to send it off for fingerprint analysis.


Julie said…
I LOVE the handprint on the cake. I thought it was deliberate, like those plaster of paris handprints they do at kinder.
Luna said…
I think it's a wonderful 'touch' and may use it on the kids birthday cakes next year.

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