A Trip to the Library

 Child sized chairs for sitting.
 Bean bags for lounging.
Shelves of books for devouring.
J was home from school today with a rather nasty cough so, while waiting for G to get her braces (oh my) we hung out at our beautiful little local library. J is very keen to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid but apparently every other kid in the neighbourhood wants to as well because all the copies were out and the reserve list was long. We're going to borrow it from his friend instead. We kept searching the shelves and came home with The One Hundred Year Old Secret by Tracy Barrett. He loves it and is racing through it. I think we'll be back up there tomorrow to borrow something else.
There hasn't been much creating around here lately because I've had lots of days with kids home sick from school, appointments for various things and working meetings for G's yearbook. Man, that thing has been a lot of work. Another week or two (she says hopefully but not confidently) and that should be all wrapped up. Maybe then I'll be able to get out the sewing machine and finish up a couple of things that I can share with you. Until then I will be busy with mothering which is, after all, the thing I love most.


Eleanor said…
Love the new look of the blog, and these photos are killing me. Especially the one of Sweetie, how did this happen?!!!
Julie said…
Both Ruby and Nina are reading the same Diary of a Wimpy Kid book just now. The appeal of these books isn't immediately obvious to me but they love them.
sophie said…
Finding the right book is so hard! I need to get to the library because I have wasted money on books that Lucia just doesn't love. She has read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and love it, and we just finished The History of the Bumosaurs (ANdy Griffith of course) which was completely vile! Anything to keep them reading though!

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