When all the children are sleeping...

I am sitting up late working on the yearbook for G's class, stitching fox tails for the book parade, doing household paperwork, finishing up laundry and trying to make sure I have everything lined up so that the next day can run smoothly. This is, of course, the 'stuff' of life and I am doing my best to find joy in these mudane tasks. The yearbook will be a lovely memento for G's class as they head off to high school next year, book week is a lot of fun and J's teacher has been very appreciative of my help, the only joy in paperwork is to be found in keeping it under control and waking to a relatively ordered house helps my mood immensely, but still I find myself wishing away this very busy period. Term 3 can hurry up and move on now!


Mary said…
Is it just me or is getting busier and busier for kids during school term. I feel as though there are lots of activities but I am not sure how much learning is involved.

Cantankerous old bat that I am.

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