Beyond Awesome

This photo is currently doing the rounds of all my FB friends and it delights me. It is spot on! C and JW are exactly like this whenever I buy Nutella and it reminds me of just how delightful it is to be the mama and able to provide moments like this.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.

Suse, I am choosing to overlook the glaring grammatical error in this one.


ingrid said…
hahaha, I love it! It is just like this at my place too. Sadly I get just as excited and I have been known to fill the empty jar up with a splash of warm milk and give it a shake just so I don't miss even one precious scraping of the delicious stuff.
Madeline said…
Ha! Maybe she brought it to a picnic?
Suse said…
What a cracker! I forgive the grammar too.
Stomper Girl said…
Heh. I NEVER buy nutella, I have a moral line in the sand that reckons chocolate should be a treat, not a sandwich filling. My poor kids.

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