100 Days

C recently celebrated 100 days of kindergarten with a party and games at her school. They have been looking forward to it for months and the massive check off sheet they kept on the wall between the two kindy rooms was the starting point for a lot of their learning around maths and numbers.
We made some of Oma's famous cupcakes (recipe here) to take to the celebration.
It seemed like a good time to let you know how that pocket quilt I made at the start of the year has been holding up. It's been put to good use over the past 100 days. She keeps it in her pocket and often reaches in to hold it whenever she needs a little reassurance. It is falling to pieces so I took a scrap of minkee from her new quilt, embroidered a little heart on a scrap of pinwale cord from my mum and made her a new one.
She hasn't put the new one in her pocket. Instead, it hangs from a carabiner on her backpack with a collection of keyrings. I guess that means she's feeling pretty confident about the next 100 days. 
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


blackbird said…
Tis a lovely thing.

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