Quilting with a view

I took the kids up north late last week to spend a couple of nights with Mr Duyvken's parents. They live on a little farm on a lake. Two of my sisters-in-law had also gone up so all the cousins were together and the kids all had a ball.
the best looking servo in NSW

We had a ridiculously long drive up there. There had been an accident earlier in the day on a single lane stretch of the highway (thankfully everyone was OK) and the clean up took such a long time that we spent 7 hours in the car instead of the usual 3 1/2 hours. Of course, the kids were all busting to go to the toilet. I have never been so glad to see the  petrol station at Bulahdelah. In fact, I was so glad to see it I took a photo. The queues for the toilets were LONG but we made it!

 It was cold but we had beautiful sunshine after a long rainy night. Sweetie enjoyed playing in all the muddy puddles and practicing his walking.
Sweetie's little piece of heaven
 I even squeezed in a little quilting while supervising the kiddos and reading books to JW. C's scooter quilt is nearly ready to be bound, I'm looking forward to finishing this one, I am really happy with how it is turning out.
Quilting with a view


Julie said…
Did you hand quilt? I've never done that and would love to but am always too impatient.
Posie Patchwork said…
Oh viva la school holidays, we only just started in Canberra, but we do that drive to visit my husband in Brisbane, frequently. Nothing like 3500km round trip with 4 children & i'm normally the first to nominate a toilet stop!! We've had rain al day, our ducks have loved it, the children manage to find puddles of water everywhere & still jump in each one, fabulous in gum boots - bigger splash. Love Posie
Fran said…
I so have a love/hate relationship with Bulahdelah.........

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