The little Duyvkens are not early risers so our mornings often feel a little frantic. I've been trying to find a way to help them run more smoothly and when I stumbled across something similar to this on Pinterest (of course) I thought it might work for us. We pulled out the stash of craft paper this afternoon and put these together. After running them through the laminator they are strong enough to hold the pegs and should stand up to regular use. Because the kids all share a room they won't be practical as door hangers but I am going to put a few hooks up in the laundry wall and hang them where they are easy to access in the mornings. The idea is that they move the pegs from one side to the other as each task is done. Hopefully, they'll be obsolete within a few months as the practice of doing all these things each morning become routine.
Clearly, I'm an optimist. 


blackbird said…
We could use these.
Car keys.
Cell phone.
Rail ticket.
Fran said…
What a great idea. I've tried many things in my attempt to make our mornings run smoothly, lets see if this works!

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