Ben 10 Jacket Tutorial

My nephew and godson is a die hard Ben 10 fan. He just turned 5 and for the past year I don't think I have seen him, even once, when he hasn't been wearing some form of Ben 10 merchandise. Something about that show/character has really captured his imagination and he loves to pretend that he is defeating the alien hordes with a team of friends. His birthday was in June and as it was coming up we knew that his gift had to be Ben 10 related but we weren't sure what to get. Eventually, I found a green top in Target (in the school wear section)and decided to try my hand at refashioning it so that he could have his very own hero jacket that would also be warm and practical enough for everyday wear. 

I don't have any pictures of the process but what I did was pretty straight forward. I unpicked a small section of the seams at the shoulder and on one sleeve to stitch in the cotton tape stripes and then closed the seams up again. I cut the jumper down the front and inserted (rather clumsily) a zipper. And I found some great patches online to make it look a little more official and little less 'made by my aunty'. 

Apparently, he loves it and has even kissed the omnitrix patch a few times. Yes, he actually kissed it, that just made my heart sing when I heard about it. 
This was so easy to do (once I overcame my fear of zippers) and the end result is much more practical than so many of the costumes that are sold so please take my encouragement and give it a go yourself.


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