Poorly Shod

Thursday, June 21, 2012

JW started ballet this week. A few of her pre-school friends take this class and she was so excited to be doing it too. She ran in happily without a backward glance and had a ball. I am so amazed by her self-confidence - where does it come from?
I was lucky enough to find her size in the ballet clothes at KMart ($8 for the leotard and headband set and $8 for the fluttery skirt) but I didn't get around to getting her ballet shoes before the big day. We dug around in the dress up bag to see what we could find and came up with this. As Oma would say, we have another pair just like it! Although, at the moment I have no idea where it might be. Darling JW didn't even notice.
Any suggestions for places to find cheap ballet shoes in Sydney?


Cass :

What size would she be? I might have a pair here that Lucy wore for 6months last year that probably don't fit her anymore. I can check the size tomorrow. Not sure where she is doing it but I know at the one Lucy went to they said don't get the jiffy ones because they are very slippery.

Jacinta @ Kadesia Jane :

Try eBay, that where i got them for my girls :)

Fran :

Myer and target sell Jiffies...... otherwise ask the dance teacher, other mothers might have shoes they want to get rid of

Fran :

just read Cass' comment about Jiffies. They are abit slippery but also half the cost of proper ballet shoes. We used them till I was sure the girls were gonna stick with the dancing

Eleanor :

It's been a few years since I bought ballet shoes that size.


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