Craft Camp

I went to craft camp this weekend and look what I finished! A linen and cotton quilt for my darling C who has worn right through the quilt she has now. I have ordered some baby pink minkee fabric for the backing so that she has something extra soft to snuggle with and she is looking forward to helping me sandwich it and get started on the hand quilting. I am going to do some echo quilting around the stars, an outline around the inner border and some embroidery in the outer border. J's quilt has 'sleep well' on it in dutch so I think I will put 'fait des beaux reves' (french for 'sweet dreams') on this one for C.
 Aren't those little scooters adorable? I have some of that fabric leftover so I will be able to make a cushion to match.
 These sweet ducks are a handprinted fabric so I am not sure how well they will stand up to regular washing and wear but I do adore them.
I used the liberated stars tutorial from Silly Boo Dilly using 6 inch squares of fabric.
Many thanks fellow Craft Campers, I had such a lovely time with you all!


Mary said…
So very beautiful.

And i am so happy you got to go to Craft Camp with those lovely lovely women.

Julie said…
pink and green, one of my favourite colour combinations. I didn't understand, in your earlier post about this quilt, that the minkee vs velvet was for the backing - thought it was for the blocks. Minkee backing will be perfect.
OH WOW - that is adorable. And you got to craft camp! Isn't it the best!

We need to create our own one don't you think?

Stomper Girl said…
It was lovely to finally meet you, and I enjoyed watching you work on your quilt top. Cx
Eleanor said…

So happy!!

Suse said…
I loved those scooter blocks. It was so wonderful to meet you at last, too!


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