We have been moving into the new kitchen and living area and have been making the most of having a proper oven. There has been a lot of baking. And a lot of eating. Hopefully, there will also be a smattering of exercise across the next few weeks before the little duyvkens go back to school. 
Mr Duyvken has spent a lot of time working on his baking and those sourdough boules above are amazing now. They were always good but now? Wow!
 His cranberry and white chocolate brioche were pretty lovely too.
 The spinach and goats cheese raviolis were also yummy. I like being married to an over-achiever.
 Sweetie has been helping with the recycling and is very close to walking. I think he might be waiting until his beloved nan-nan gets home from Boston. We're picking her up from the airport tomorrow morning after her 5 week trip and we're all looking forward to seeing her again.
 The new part of the house is amazing. It has really changed the way we interact with one another and use the space that we have. It is like gulping lungfuls of fresh air and I can feel all the tension that I have been holding in my lower back loosening and fading. Having somewhere peaceful (and tidy) to sit is bringing me much joy.
The 3 girls spent a happy hour today being adventurers, scavenging things around the yard and making plate gardens. They each had very definite ideas about how they wanted it to look and worked so beautifully together.
Breathe in, breathe out. Heart full.


blackbird said…
Oh, those floors! That fireplace! That tile! I'm scanning wildly for details.

That baby!
Wait. You have a husband who can BUILD A HOUSE ON HIS OWN AND BAKE??? W.T.F??? That fire place is AWESOME.
Lynn said…
Oh, congratulations!! And thanks for sharing your joy - I'm so happy for you.
Mary said…
So lovely to read this ... I may however need a few more photos of the new space. No! Wait! I'll come over after the holidays ...
sophie said…
Wow Amelia, all that baking! Beautiful photos, so yummy and drool-worthy! You home is looking just gorgeous.
Fran said…
oh Amelia, your new space looks amazing! How exciting and fantastic :)

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