The Aging Process

C has lost 2 teeth in 2 days. Honestly, my children pay no attention to my wish that they not grow up. No manner of pleading, cajoling, wand waving or praying will convince them to slow down and make like Peter Pan. However, despite my wistfulness, she is filled with delight about it and is thrilled that she has a tooth fairy. Each night she wrote a beautiful note and drew a picture for the 'Toorf' Fairy and put her teeny tiny tooth in the envelope. I still have G's first letter to the tooth fairy and this will be added to my little collection of special memories too.
The Tooth Fairy is not very reliable around here (both G and J are waiting for her to remember that she owes them a visit) but first teeth are particularly important, don't you think?


Cass said…
The tooth fairy forgot to come here this week, so she has obviously been very busy this week
The Coffee Lady said…
Our tooth fairy is such a flake.

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