And then Sweetie turned 1

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweetie will be 1 on Tuesday so we had a little party here today to celebrate his first year. It is very hard for Mr Duyvken and me to believe that he is already 12 months old and we're feeling rather melancholic about it. Why does that first year go by so quickly?
I have seen some very cute weather things on pinterest so dumbed them down to match my skillz and it worked out very nicely. There were plenty of opportunities for the bigger kids to help and very few areas where things could go wrong. The sunshine hummingbird cake was a big hit and it was so easy I think I'll make it again for JW's birthday but I'll stand the triangles on the cake, colour it green and call it a wilderness cake. Huzzah!
There were showers in the living room.
Cakes on the new kitchen counters.
Lots of singing. (I only now realise that I didn't get around to brushng my hair. Hm...)
And pizza with Oma and Aunty S to finish off the day. 
Sweetie had a lovely time we still have 2 days before we officially mark his birthday with presents and (more) cake. 


Mary :

Shaking head here! One ! Happy birthday darling boy for Tuesday . And look how beautiful your mama looks, even if her hair is unbrushed!

Eleanor :



Sweetie is one.

Cannot believe it, so quick, so cute!

Fran :

Happy Birthday Sweetie :)

Time flies when you're having fun Amelia

blackbird :

He looks like a wonderful little man...though I cannot believe it either.

Frogdancer :

Can't believe he's already one...

The Coffee Lady :

A year? What happened?

Suse :

Happy birthday to the littlest duyvken!

Jen :

Happy birthday, Sweetie! What a special cake you have!

Julie :

happy birthday - it looks like a lovely party.

Tania :

Forget the hair, I'm just impressed you had time to get dressed. Happy birthday kiddo!

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