What's for dinner?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spinach leaves, roasted butternut pumpkin, grilled haloumi, charred corn kernels, spanish onion and a dressing made with olive oil, caramelised balsamic vinegar, black pepper and a little ground cumin.
One dish dinners are perfect for summers. All the kids love this and Sweetie can eat an insane amount of pumpkin and haloumi. . We've had this twice already this week and I would happily eat it again tomorrow but I don't know how everyone else would feel about that :-)


Julie :

I am unbelievably envious that you have a dish that your entire family will happily eat. I can only think of ice cream as something each one of our mob eats and, you know, it's hard to have that for dinner too often.

Lynn :

Why oh why can't I live with you? On a commune, maybe? Where you would be the chef at all times??

blackbird :

Can you manage a small plastic container?
I'll forward my shipping address.

Frogdancer :

looks divine.

ingrid :

mmmmmm, can I come over for dinner?

rachel :

Oh.... I have a butternut squash waiting to be used, and a pack of halloumi..... halfway there, I think! Thanks for the inspiration.

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