Wet Weather Blues v Operation Pinterest

The weather has been pretty rotten these past 2 days and C has been very unwell so our plans for a fun-filled end to the holidays hasn't been a great success. J and JW have been happy with card games and sprinting down the hall shouting 'sonic boost', C has been sleeping wanting to have her back scratched, Sweetie has been happy trying to keep up with J and JW but G has been running out of ideas. Once we remembered the great resource that is Pinterest however we found lots of things to try.
First up was a heart-shaped origami bookmark and some you tube origami tutorials.
The backdrop is a puzzle that G and I have been working on all holidays. We discovered two things doing this; 1. G does not enjoy puzzles and 2. I can get a little obsessive.
The next project has been in my Pinterest folder for a while and, after cleaning out G's wardrobe we had a bunch of t-shirts that are too small so we cut them into strips and got started.
They are fantastic and G is really enjoying making them. She has a large pile now in a range of colours and embellishments. Perfect for this age group and the tutorial is so clear she didn't need any help from me to figure her way through it.


The Coffee Lady said…
You have reminded me about the packet of origami paper which has been stuffed down the side of a drawer for about two years.

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