The tale of Sweetie and the bassinet

My blue-eyed boy was squeezed into the bassinet for much longer than he should have been but he is such a lovingly accommodating little lad he didn't seem to mind. However, when the heat picked up in November he became really uncomfortable so I started putting him in JW's cot for his daytime sleeps. We were in a holding pattern because JW really wants to move to a big girl bed (and is far too big to still be sleeping in a cot) but we still have the younger 4 in the one room and there simply isn't room for another bed in there. We've got the bunk, a cot and now a portacot set up in there. When I put Sweetie in JW's cot he cooed and chatted while he watched the sky through the windows and played with the side rails. When I put him in his portacot for the first time he looked around and saw his blanket and his snuggy bunny and smiled a smile that plumped up his cheeks and squeezed his eyes shut. It was pure delight, both for him and for me. He knew that this new space was just for him and he loved it. I look forward to setting that room up just for him and J, and setting up another room for just C and  JW. It does a mama good to see her babies feel that good.
Happy New Year to you all, may 2012 bring contentment and good health to us all.


blackbird said…
Middle stayed too long in a bassinet and never made a peep.
Of course, as it turned out, Middle never peeps.

I had a dream with your Sweetie in it!
The Coffee Lady said…
And a Happy New Year to you, and all your family.
Eleanor said…
bb dreamed of Sweetie. That makes me so happy!

BTW this post is the beginning of a children's book, you know that? I would buy it and put it away for my grandchildren.

E x
Suse said…
That photo is so precious.

Happy new year to you and your family!

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