I finally got the sewing machine out tonight and did some stitching. It felt wonderful. Sure, I'll need to vacuum again but it will be worth it. I have really missed these little windows of creative indulgence.
Some chenille, some ribbons from the stash, a small patch of corduroy that my mum saved from some trousers she shortened, and an hour of time stolen from the night after everyone in the house sleeps and I have made two taggie toys. One for sweetie and one for my nephew Tommy. Tommy is kicking back in Boston waiting patiently for his aunty to get on with making him a quilt. Hopefully, this will distract him for long enough for me to get my act together.


Michelle said…
oooh pattern please if there is one????
Fran said…
they are so sweet! What a great handmade gift for newborns they would make. I second the call for a tutorial....pretty please

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