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Sunday, January 29, 2012

C starts primary school tomorrow. A journey she is ready to embark on but one that she is a little bit nervous about. She is very lucky that she has G and J already there because she is very familiar with the place and how it all works. She is right on the cusp of big kidness but there are a couple of little things that linger and this sorry looking quilt is one of them. Mr Duyvken and I bought this for J. Officially it was Mr Duyvken's 30th birthday present because money was pretty tight back then and he wanted new sheets and a quilt for the cot he had made for our long-awaited second baby. He's a lovely fellow that Mr Duyvken. J used it and loved it and then C inherited it when she moved into the cot but she loved it so much it went with her to the big girl bed and has been carted around ever since.
It is (literally) falling apart and has worn bare in places but she still loves it. It comforts her when she can't sleep or when she is sick and she hasn't yet grown out of it. So, as ready as she is for 'big school' I wanted to give her a little piece of comfort that she could keep in her pocket just in case. 

She chose one of her favourite parts of the quilt to use. It is practically worn right through so it might not last long but it will feel just right if she needs it and I will feel better knowing that it is just there in her pocket if she needs some love from home. The velvet on the other side is from a pair of pants that my mum bought for herself. My mum is not a tall person and everything needs to be shortened. She knows how much C likes soft, textural fabrics and so she saved the offcuts and suggested this little project.
I shed a few tears while making this. Honestly, I'm hopeless. Being a mama is a bittersweet thing sometimes.


Fran :

what a beautiful idea Amelia. I've been toying with a similar idea for when Betty starts on Wednesday (I'm soo glad I've got 2 days of her all to myself after Aimee goes back tomorrow). A little love heart I think......

Best of luck to C - this time of year is so emotional, for everyone involved!

Michelle :

what a great idea!! Wish C well from all of us!

blackbird :

I've got a lump in my throat reading about it!

Julie :

oh that is so so sweet - all of it: that Mr Duyvken asked for a cot quilt, that C loved it to pieces, that a little of it can accompany her to school. Too lovely.

Caroline :

Hi there Just wanted you say thanks again for the fabric from your giveaway - I have just finished before Xmas using it to make Xmas stockings for all the kids, they loved them. Thanks!!!!,

Yingying Xue :

wow,good work!

Claire :

Amelia that is just the most beautiful idea, what an amazing mama you are.

Tania :

You're right. You are a Great Big Sooky Lala. Welcome to the club. x

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