J turns 7

J's birthday is in the middle of December which is a crazy time of year here. School is wrapping up, everyone is getting ready for Christmas and he often feels a little sidelined so we always try to make sure that it is a very special day for him. Our yard is all torn up and covered with building supplies so having a party at our place wasn't going to happen but my darling mum let us use her yard and we were able to throw him a pretty special party. One of his favourite things at the moment is playing spies so we decided to roll with that. Welcome to the ISS 2011 Orientation.                                                 
The kids played robot army infiltration games, completed water bomb training and a few sleuth and stealth games too. They had a ball!

There is a park behind mum's house and the weather was perfect so we spent most of our time there. G really threw herself into the party planning and even organised individual treasure hunt cards so that everyone could find their own party bags. She's a very special big sister. 

and of course there was cake. Not the prettiest lego cakes you ever saw but I aimed higher than a donut stack cake :-)
10 school friends came and a bunch of cousins, aunts and uncles and J had a very, very special day.

We took photos of all the kids wearing sunnies when they arrived and 'fingerprinted' them so that we could make up some official spy licences to send out with the thank you letters. They've been a huge hit and considering how little time they took to make and laminate they were well worth the effort. 

It was a lot of fun! I do love organising the birthday parties. Have you had any themes that were particularly successful?

PS I had an epiphany today, a genuine epiphany about motherhood, on January 6th. Crazy! I am still clarifying it but will share it with you soon, I promise.


Michelle said…
Happy Birthday to J! I always picture your Dad being his special angel.
Fran said…
that is so cool! What a great idea, so worth the time and effort. Yay for big sister helpers too.
Cass said…
Looks like a great party and big sisters are pretty great
Mary said…
Happy Birthday J and

can't wait to hear about the epiphany.
Kristine said…
I'm intrigued about your epiphany now.

That party theme sounds brilliant. And spy licences - that's a whole extra level of clever party planning. Lucky J.

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