Art Smock Tutorial - recycling Mr Duyvken's shirts

All the little duyvkens need art smocks for their back to school kits so I decided to make a few adjustments to the shirts that they wear at home when they are painting to make them a little more 'smockish'. It's very easy to do, you start by cutting the collar and the top button off of an old business shirt. 

Stitch one end of a 6cm piece of elastic to the wrong side of the shirt where the top button hole is using zigzag stitch. 

Stitch the other end of the elastic to spot where the top button was, again on the wrong side of the shirt so that, when you turn it right side out it looks like this.
Measure the arms of the person who needs the smock and cut off as much of the cuffs and sleeves as required. This one is for G so I needed the length of the placket and only cut off the cuff. Run a line of stitching down the placket to keep it closed. For C and J I cut the sleeve off above this point and saved myself this step.
 Turn the shirt inside out and turn the sleeve back 2cms, stitching to create a channel for the elastic. Leave a 1cm gap between the start and the end of the stitching so that you can thread the elastic through easily.
Tie hat elastic to the end of a safety pin and thread through the channel you have just made at the end of the sleeve.
Tie off with a double knot and repeat on the other sleeve.
Embellishment is not required on an art smock because if it is well used it will be splattered with paint and glitter very quickly but I had a couple of yoyos in my sewing basket and I couldn't help myself.
So there you have it, 3 art smocks ready for school and 3 old shirts saved from the rag pile.


Fran said…
love it Amelia! Thanks for sharing
Julie said…
Amelia, sometimes I wonder if we are somehow related - though none of my actual sisters is the least bit interested in sewing or quilts. I do this too, though I must say the addition of the suffolk puffs takes this into a new class.

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