Christmas 2011

We celebrated Christmas up north at m y in-law's place this year. Mr Duyvken's family take their eating very seriously so it was 3-day food fest with some serious exercise thrown in to balance the calories in/calories out equation. We had a lovely time. I wore my red party dress and favourite shoes.
 Santa gave C the mama lamb and baby lamb that she wanted. Not very easy to find but well worth the trouble because C adores them. The big lamb is a Jellycat toy and the baby is a Russ. The Jellycat softies are just adorable, I could have bought everything.
 J got tap shoes and he hasn't stopped dancing. He's been stomping around the house for months telling us that he's tap dancing and marvelling at how good he is without even having a lesson. The sisters-in-law thought this gift was pure madness but I quite like the way tap shoes sound, it makes me think it's raining marbles. J is a very happy boy.
 Papa's pizza oven got quite a work out as Mr Duyvken baked a lot of bread and plotted ways to have a pizza oven of his own.
 We sat by the dam and looked out over the lake to the horizon enjoying Sweetie's first Christmas and arguing over things until the small hours. My Duyvken's family love heated discussions and can turn the smallest thing into a heated debate. This took me quite some time to get used to but I think I might have finally adjusted. Hallelujah!
 I took some plain baubles, glitter and glue and all the cousins decorated ornaments for Papa and Oma's Christmas tree.
I feel very lucky to be part of this wonderful family. Happy times indeed.


Stomper Girl said…
Happy Christmas. I think you chose very well for J :-)
blackbird said…
It all looks terribly wonderful, from your beautiful feet to little lambs and wine.
We'd love a pizza oven!
I've always liked Jellycat stuffed animals and am remembering bringing them to the boys from Paris all those years ago.

Happy New Year!

(amn't I wordy today?!)
The Coffee Lady said…
A very happy Christmas to you.
Jen said…
Mr. D.'s family sounds a little like mine. For the first several years, LB would have to withdraw from the fray for a daily nap whenever we visited my family.
sophie said…
Fab post Amelia. Marrying into a South Africa family I know all about passionate and intense conversations/debates. 11 years later and I still get a wee bit uncomfortable with all the honesty.

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