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Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh how I love the teeny tiny details that make up a baby. Translucent ears, soft hair, dimpled knuckles, tiny toes...
ASIDE: Ears look like caves that have been eroded by water or wind. Knuckles remind me of mountain ranges and lips of lakeside banks at lowtide. When looked at closely we are rather topographical. I would love to capture it well and present side-by-side diptychs but my skillz are lacking so you will have to imagine it with me.
Sweetie hasn't been well this weekend and he and I spent some time in hospital together. I cradled him, spoke soft nonsense and gazed at him for hour after hour. I gave him 10mls of rehydrating fluid every 10mins all through Saturday night and every time I marked something down on the observation chart I felt very grateful to have a very healthy child. This is just a little bump in the road for us but there are plenty of parents who do this every day, drawing on internal pools of strength and resolve. Hats off to you if are one of those parents. That I am deeply impressed won't make a jot of difference but deeply impressed I am. So there.


blackbird :

Poor little man.
Sweet little ear.

Frogdancer :

Hope everything's fine now.
Personally, I love the rolls of fat babies have on their thighs and arms.
Pity it doesn't look as gorgeous at any other stage of life!!

Julie :

oh yes, any time spent at a hospital has one counting bountiful blessings.

Lynn :

Oh bless his little heart (and yours)! Hope all is well and calm now.

Suse :

I hope the precious babe is on the mend and you are catching up on some sleep.

Poor little sweetness.

Corrie :

oh hope he's better now. elodie had her 2nd stay in hospital and I am always beside myself with worry when it all happens and then appreciate the quiet time with just one little baby. It's no fun but I know it could be worse as I'm always home in 2 or 3 days

hope little one is better

sophie :

So happy he is all better and the family is together again. xx

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