Saturday, November 26, 2011

I need some help, dear reader. We are choosing between these two lights from IKEA to hang over the kitchen counter and wer're having some trouble making a decision.

Foto pendant

Ottava pendant
They'll be hanging near the dining table pendant lights ( my beloved Nelson criss cross saucer lamps) so, whilst they don't need to match, they do need to sit well together.
Criss Cross saucer
 So, what do you think?


blackbird :

I'm keen on Ottava. I like the screws.
Foto is sleeker, though.

Aren't I helpful?

Duyvken :

you've described our thought process perfectly, bb.

Stitching in Sydney :

Both lovely but I like No 1.

Cass :

I like the Foto best

Belinda :

My vote is for the foto. I think it's a better fit with it's cleaner lines.

Frogdancer :

The last one. You won't have the naked bulb glaring at you directly. (Something I wish I had've thought of...)

Mary :

I prefer the ottava BUT the Foto sits better with the Criss Cross I think.

Fran :

I think the foto. the saucer lamp is so striking, I think the Ottava is too busy next to it . just my humble opinion!

Julie :

I'm with the consensus. I prefer the Ottava but reckon the Foto goes better with the saucer.

kim at allconsuming :

Foto. Without a doubt. Think about how grimy it will get and how hard it'd be to clean the one with screws.

sues :

What Kim said. The first thing I thought was I love the second one but the first one will be easier to wipe clean.

Both are gorgeous though.

Suse :

oh dear, that was me, Suse, not Sues. Can't spell my own name.

Jen :

I'm late, but I like ottava. For my tastes, foto looks too much like surgical lighting. If you are short, you won't notice the dirty screws.

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