Making things Pozible

I love MA, the first album is delightful and I want more but, because these things aren't easy to pull together, Drew and Victoria have found this fantastic site to help make the second album a big success. It's a great site offering plenty of opportunities to support creatives. The website takes a cut but that's no different to all those fundraisers that give you a hard time at the local shops.
ASIDE: Have I told you about the time Mr Duyvken asked one of them how much of the money he might give would actually end up in the hands of the organisation on the posters? The fellow wasn't happy about the line of the questioning but Mr Duyvken does so love poking a sore bear.
In this case the fees are all clearly stated in the faqs - Pozible takes 7.5% which is a reasonable return for the crowdfunding platform but not so high as to be unreasonable.
I knew Drew before he was cool (I am sure I can hear him talking over me here to claim that he has always been cool) and wish him every success. Who can resist a musician who labours over the trifle each Christmas and bakes sourdough in his spare time? Good luck kids!


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