Farm Weekend - brown and grey

We drove north to spend a few days with Mr Duyvken's parents at the end of last week. My mum came as well and we had a lovely time. All the cousins slept together in the bunk room and it is always a lot of fun but all of the cooking, cleaning, supervising children, talking about what to have for the next meal and then more cooking and cleaning wears me out. 10 children aged between 7mths and 11years (yes mine are the bookends) makes for quite a lot of work, but they adore it and I adore them so what's a girl to do?

Next time I hope to take more photos, time always slips through my fingers up there!


blackbird said…
I suppose it shows my age (or that of my children) that I cannot read of a weekend like that without thinking of all the work.

That's a Suse shoe.

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