Come to the park

Come to the park with us this long weekend. We'll make rings out of twigs, lie in the sun, drink beautiful coffee made by one of the many baristas at one of the many coffee shops across the street. (I swear, if there is a coffee shortage the Australian economy may collapse.) (We picked the Dane's brew if you were wondering.) We'll watch the world go by, listen to all the little duyvkens and their crazy schemes and drag ourselves home sulkily when the time comes to leave.
I got a new camera bag for my birthday and I love it! Not as much room as I had in the large tote I've been using lately but I can take the camera, lenses, external flash, etc with me everywhere now and they're all well-protected between padded dividers. I'm a happy girl! It's the *emera classic canvas and it's not cheap and I thought about it for over a year before buying it because I really wasn't sure about buying a bag that I hadn't seen irl. I am glad I got it though - so far it's perfect for me.
We are lucky to live in an area where there are lots of parks within walking distance but this one is one of our favourites.


blackbird said…
Hello sweet baby!
The Coffee Lady said…
If there's coffee, OF COURSE I'm coming

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