Getting on the sticks

I have long admired the work of the lovely Jen. Dear Eleanor and I are fighting over who gets to be President of the Australian chapter of her fan club. Eleanor thinks she's got it but when the gloves come off (and they will - Ultimate Fight Club style) I will be victorious.
Knitting involves a lot of math (eurgh) and counting (eurgh) but it is a lot more portable than quilting and if it doesn't involve setting up the ironing board and the sewing machine I might actually be able to create something.
Jen writes about noro and steeking and it makes me go 'hmmmm' C&C Music Factory style. Then I click across to Retromummy and she's knitting something adorable for one of her brood, then I realise that the things I most love to admire on Etsy are all the gorgeous handknits for babies and then I see this on Alison's blog and I realise that the time has come.
I have to learn how to do this!


That One said…
If I can learn how to knit (which I did, a couple summers back), YOU can learn how to knit.

You're going to love it. I promise.
Suse said…

Now. First you need to join Ravelry ...
Jen said…
I am honored. And here I thought the Australian chapter had disbanded in disgust after I proclaimed the superiority of marshmallow fluff over Vegemite.

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