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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Excuse the bra strap look, that's actually a top under a drapey overshirt but in the pic it looks like a big old strap :-)
This was taken a few weeks ago at the school's fundraising dinner. The invitation listed the dress code as Black or Glam and Mr Duyvken, being Mr Duyvken, went straight to Glam Rock. He had hopes that we'd look like 2 of Poisons lost members but it wasn't to be. Black for me, I did have a baby less than 3 months ago thanks very much. He was not deterred and even though it was more disco than glam in the end the wig pulled it all together and we had a ball.
He was the only person in fancy dress but didn't mind at all. We couldn't be more different in some ways and this is definitely one of them, I'm more of a blend in than stand out kind of a girl. His endless capacity for fun is one of the loveliest things about him and this picture demonstrates that pretty well.


blackbird :

You are a very handsome couple!

blackbird :

Does that sound too formal?
I've just left a formal-ish comment on another blog and have carried that voice here, I think...

what fun you look like?

blackbird :

That's creepy that line.

I'll go now.

Mary :

but she's right our blackbird - you are a very lovely looking couple!

Fran :

Love it Amelia, Mr D is radiating FUN! You, my dear are looking Fabulous - with a capital F :)

The Coffee Lady :

You're just gorgeous, the both of you! He should totally keep that hair.

ingrid :

Wow, that is one cool looking husband!

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