A silent band of hazmat-suited men arrived early yesterday morning to remove the (asbestos) eaves from our little house. They were led by a chatty lad from the country who nearly fell over when children kept appearing out of the kitchen and getting into the car. It was like one of those vaudeville gags where an impossible number of people keep appearing out of a phone box or a car but without the honky tonk piano soundtrack running underneath. Although, that would have good :-)
When I arrived home the house looked quite odd. Just a neat little box sitting in the dark with many signs of care and habitation (trimmed lawns and children's bikes sitting under the carport)and many signs of construction (tree protection fencing and the aforementioned eavelessness). After 3 1/2 years of preparing a DA application and a lot of budget massaging it is very exciting to be at this stage.
Mr Duyvken has been pottering around these past few weeks knocking out random bricks and banging about under the house. Frankly, I've been a little concerned that we may spend quite some time living in a too-small house decorated with a very post-post-modern aesthetic, deconstructing the suburban modern (but not modernist) red brick homes of the early 1960's by throwing a little 1990's grunge at it.

This is, by no means, the only hole in the house. The neighbours, I am sure, are thrilled.
But this afternoon, a totally camp and truly delightful delivery driver arrived and left us with 4 pallets loaded with promise.

C and JW danced on the bricks in the rain by way of celebration. Things are heading in the right direction!


Fran said…
OOOh how exciting Amelia! Hope the reno is not too painful and drawn out. Can't wait to see some progress photos.

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