Curiouser and curiouser

J brought home his very own felt creation recently and was very proudly showing it to his sisters when they had this very amusing exchange. I love overhearing things like this - bliss! C to J: Hey J, I like your snake.
J: It's not a snake.
C: It looks like a snake.
J: No it doesn't. It's a worm.
G piping in as she invariably does: It is a snake, J.
J: No, it's not, it's a worm.
G: I'm pretty sure it's a snake.
J: No, it has to be a worm. I know it's not a snake because snakes don't wear hats.

Can't argue with that.


Stomper Girl said…
Ha! I definitely thought it was a worm when I saw it, tell him.
sophie said…
so most definitely a worm. I am so impressed with how calm J remained, if that was Lucia being told it wasn't what she said it was, so would have blown her top!!
Mary said…
Oh I say worm too - they wear the best hats of all..
The Coffee Lady said…
Snakes don't really smile like that, either.

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