Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Books about photography, The Swan Thieves, asbestos removal pamphlets, permission slips for G's first school camp (they're going to Bathurst in June - chilly!) and, of course, blogs.
Dear Lushie is wrapping up her time in Germany and heading to the USA. I am going to miss her humourous voice and her beautiful photos. I have enjoyed the glimpses into expat life in a small german village and her warm and cheerful outlook. I wish you well dear E and hope that you know there will always be room in my comment box for you, I hope you'll pop in from time to time. xx


Suzanne :

How adorable. What a gorgeous little angel you have!

Eleanor :

Miss cb and I agree that BIlly looks just like a Duyvken!

Duyvken :

Well, dear Eleanor and Miss cb, it is true that Mr Duyvken and I only make one type of baby :-)

Lynn :

WHAT a beauty!

tc :

Sorry that you have to read about asbestos removal...

blackbird :

Who could read with that wee face nearby?!

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