Ginger Cake

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Some of the blog aunties came over last week to meet the newest little Duyvken and to chat/eat/repeat. The pace of these get-togethers should not be underestimated. It is intense (wow, we can talk!) and completely delightful. I was still taking it all in hours after these wonderful women had left and Eleanor texted me to say that she'd needed a cup of tea and a little lie down to recover :-) Mary took some beautiful photos, Eleanor gave J a whoopie cushion guaranteeing her a place in his heart forever and Kim brought the most beautiful cake and slice. She used recipes from a book that Eleanor posted about a few weeks ago. The cakes were so divine that I ordered the book myself and even though I badly want another slice of ginger cake I am trying to be follow an 80/20 pattern of sensible eating/indulgence and today is an 80 day so I ate an apple and took photos of the book instead. This is the book, Monday Morning Cooking Club, and I can recommend it not just for the recipes but also for the beautiful photographs. Page 166 is adorable.


Corrie :

ohhhh snap! I read about this book in the SMH last week and ripped out the page from it because I knew I just had to have it! that's it I really need that book now AND I love that they are donating proceeds to charity:)


Mary :

You had that beautiful slightly dazed but completely baby focused aura about you... and I too took some time to absorb all the lovely moments we had..

Eleanor :

Master CB quite rightly tells me that J will love me even more if I buy him a plastic fake-dog-pooh.

Stomper Girl :

Sounds like a lovely get-together. I'm getting pangs thinking about ginger cake.

blackbird :

80/20? More info needed!

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