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Notes from the cocoon.
These newborn weeks are wonderfully funny things. There is so much happening but it is at a pace that I cannot dictate. I just have to surrender to it and, once that has been accepted, it is a joy to bob along with the currents and tides. I am drawn away from looking at the big picture (such a boring 'grown up' thing to do) and pulled towards living life in the small blocks from feed to feed. I am tending to my little duyvkens as though they were chicks in my nest and enjoying being cocooned against the world.
We've been discussing senior school options for G and it has gone against the rhythm that I find myself in. I don't want to look forward and I don't want to look back. I just want to be surrounded by the present and to soak it up as if I have turned my face to the last light of the day and am enjoying feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. So that is what I am doing.
I am making school lunches, helping with homework, playing pretend, picking up toys that have been scattered far and wide, requesting inside voices (a battle I know I will never win and yet I continue foolishly to fight) and enjoying seeing the little treats that surround me like; diamonds of sunshine, impossibly small fingernails, soft muslin wraps and tiny tufts of babysoft down that cover little ears, layers of petals that capture honeyed light,
impossibly perfect squares in the mozzie net over the bassinet and the borealis-like glow from the tiny guardian angel pin that the great-nan gave to JW when she was new.
The great-nan isn't here to hold Billy but he sleeps in the bassinet she bought for her first child, on linen that she bought for me when I was pregnant with G and the angel pin is there too.
I have lots on my to do list but, for the moment, it's not bothering me too much. As long as the laundry is under control, the children have all brushed their teeth and the floor isn't sticky underfoot I am a happy girl!

* Gavina! I hope you'll leave me another note, I am intrigued to find out who you are. How funny that you knew Mr D and me all those years ago.


Mary said…
could this post be any more beautiful?

It is the perfect antidote to all the other hard stuff that is going on in this world and helps to ease the distress ...

A cocoon for all of us lucky enough to read it..
You've taken my breath away.
blackbird said…
What a treat.
You've gotten it perfectly.
Eleanor said…
I feel blessed to be able to push a button on my computer and discover your words and photos.

So much love.
The Coffee Lady said…
Just so lovely.
ingrid said…
Beautiful post!

I adore those furry newborn ears, so soft and special. I always get sad when I notice the fuzz has vanished.
rachel said…
A delightful start to my day, seeing your beautiful babe and reading a post suffused with love.
eurolush said…
I'm with Mary...and Kim...and bb...and Eleanor...and CL (?).

I'm with them all!

Such a beautiful, heartfelt post.

I'm living vicariously through your new baby days.
Jen said…
Aw, he's so precious!
Corrie said…
oh bless him, so true you just go feed to feed but I'd find myself starting one job the realising I should be doing something else and sometimes nothing got done at all!

enjoy! he is adorable! thank goodness keira is only in kindy and high school seems a long way away

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