Good Morning

Golden light woke me this morning with the littlest duyvken beside me. We both stirred at the same time, slowly gathering our wits and readying ourselves for the rythm of the day ahead, our last full day together in the maternity ward before we go home to fold ourselves back into the rythm of the Duyvken family. We had a gentle day of feedings, visits from mum, JW and C, a settling class, physio for pubic symphysis separation that was pretty bad on Monday (think Zimmer frame) and has gotten progressively better through the week. It should take about 6 weeks to strengthen up again so I'll have to be careful until then but if I can remember to take small strides and ease myself into the car rather than throwing myself in like I usually do I should be alright.
Mr Duyvken came to the hospital this evening to have dinner with me and we sat on the bed together eating indian take-away, gazing at William Robert and talking about the family that we've created. We are constantly amazed by how unique each of the kids are, how differently they respond to the world around them even though they share so much. We talked about how sad it is to be at the end of the 'new baby' stage of our lives. Its fleeting nature is the thing that makes it so very special and we've been very lucky (and a little indulgent!) to enjoy it 5 times. We sat side by side, Mr Duyvken in his Schrodinger t-shirt and me with my puffy ankles, staring at our Billy, a still-shining spark of wonder and opportunity, savouring the moment and trying to fill our memories with how this feels right here and now.
Because this day, this night... I want to reminisce about this when I am older.


Chantal said…
Such a sweet post! Lovely to have these happy moments to look back on.
I hope you recover well and that you have lots of helpers for you when you get home.
blackbird said…
It's a lovely thing, to be able to sit back and appreciate the newborn-ness.
Your post captures it so beautifully.
Lynn said…
What a lovely, lovely keepsake. It's amazing how acute one's senses are in the days post-birth, and how impressions are made. There was a song that I listened to frequently after Big Lad was born that for years afterward would bring all of the emotions flooding back every time I heard it.

(How I envy you your very nurturing extended maternity ward experience! I was completely on my own within a few hours of giving birth. Granted, I gave birth at home, but I would have been booted out of an American hospital nearly as quickly.)
I'm just catching up on your news .
CONGRATULATIONS to you all !! The photos are beautiful and he looks gorgeous .
May I wish William Robert a long and happy life , whatever he chooses to do .... though I do secretly rather hope for a Country and Western Billy Bob !
Eleanor said…
I know what you mean.

E x
Mary said…
have just emailed Kim and Eleanor to see when we can come to you.

Though of course you have a say in it as well!


And bliss.
Corrie said…
oh he is just so darling. I knew you;d make me want another one and you have! Its such a special time and before you know it little billy will seem to have always been there in your family. I am just loving that elodie has 24/7 entertainment and her face lights up when she sees her brother and sisters
enjoy, there is going to be a whole lot of crazy when you get home!!!

Gavina said…
Oh A, what a beautiful post. It makes me teary particularly knowing you and Mr D from when you first started dating. The 5 little Ds are in safe and loving hands.
eurolush said…
Not fair! Please let me be included with Mary, Kim and Eleanor! I want to come see you and your new baby, too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

PS-The little feet in the blue booties? Squee!!

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