Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sweetie arrived at 6:43am on Monday February 28 2011. I went into labour on my own (5th time's a charm) and had a good delivery assisted by a lovely midwife, Deb, who has helped deliver 2 of my other babies and the ever-lovely Dr B. Mr Duyvken kept me on my toes by passing out a couple of times thus adding an appropriate level of drama and comedy to the proceedings. In fact, when the dr and the midwife were standing on either side of me between pushes (the crescendo of the piece you will agree) discussing camera angles that best capture birth I wondered if a certain screenwriter had taken it upon herself to draft a little something just for me.
He has several bloogy aunts I would have loved to sms with the news but darling JW decided to wash my mobile for me on Sunday evening and it's still drying out. She was so proud when she presented me with my dripping wet phone. Combined with the camera screen dying it seemed a more certain sign that labour was imminent than waters' breaking.
The stats - 3.8kgs (8lb 9oz for you imperialists), 49cm long, 35cm head circumference
The name - William Robert. Robert after Mr Duyvken's father and already being called Billy by Mr Duyvken and the kids with potential to be called Billy Bob if he decides to take up a career as a sheep wrangler or someone who holds up convenience stores.
The truth - he is the most beautiful boy and I can't stop looking at him and stroking his velvety cheeks and wispy blonde hair.


Mary :

Happy happy happy happy happy.

Love love love love love.

Am biased but love the name William !

Will see you soon.

Aunty Mary

Eleanor :

Aunt Mary just texted me that there was news posted on your blog.


Happy happy happy happy, happy, love, love, love, love, love.

So sweet, such a perfect name. What wonderful news.

Welcome to the world beautiful Billy, you are a very lucky baby to be part of the Duyvken clan.


Aunty Eleanor

P.S. He was born just in time for the Academy Awards red carpet. He gets my vote, as do you my dear Duyvken xxxx

sophie :

Amelia, I am so thrilled for you all, he is divine!!

Lynn :

Oh, just checking Google Reader before heading to bed...YAY!!!!! So very happy for you all. What a gorgeous little person, and a perfect name. (Still chuckling about the Billy Bob part, though.)

Congrats and WELL DONE!!!!!! Take good care of yourself, Mama...

Stitching in Sydney :

Congrats - he is lovely. He will be loved so much..

rachel :

Congratulations! A lovely baby, and such a delightfully traditional dad - passing out at the birth - and, by the sound of it, some thrilled aunties ready and waiting in the wings. Well done, you.

ingrid :

Congratulations on your sweet Billy. He is totally adorable.

Frogdancer :

How lovely. Congratulations.

The Coffee Lady :

Oh, I am SO happy for you. Give him a stroke from me.

Fran :

Congratulations to the whole Duyvken family - Billy is the sweetest thing. What happy happy news. Well done Amelia!

Give those gorgeous new born cheeks a stroke for me.............

eurolush :

You did it! Sooooooooooo happy for the whole Duyvken lot! Billy is such a sweet name!

Billy is beautiful...as are all your children. What a lucky boy to join such an amazing family!!!!

Thinking of you...take care.


Stomper Girl :

Oh my goodness, he is DIVINE!!!! My ovaries just exploded. Billy is a gorgeous name, just fitting for a gorgeous baby. Hope you are getting as much rest as possible Cxxxx

Fe :

Oh I have been SO remiss at reading my favourite bloggers... but I am SO GLAD I saw this!!

Congratulations darling girl!! He is GORGEOUS and I so want to come over for some baby therapy.



Suse :

Congratulations!!! And welcome to the world wee Billy-boy.

Paola :

How could I not chime in ... (came via Kim and Eleanor).
Congratulations to you (on so many levels, I mean ... the 5th child!!!)
and welcome to Billy sweet cheeks there!
Nothing beats a newborn, rosy cheeks, amazing soothign smell of new life.

Rae :

Beautiful, congratulations! Nothing like that first week! I came through Eleanor as well...

blackbird :

Wonderful, beautiful, delicious news.

Sending warm hugs from all the way over here...


Michelle :

oh he's so gorgeous!! You have one beautiful and blessed family.

Cass :

Congratulations he is beautiful

Jen :

Welcome, Billy Bob! With that name, he may grow up to write his own screenplay.

willow and moo :

Congratulations!!! He's beautiful.

If he gets called Billy Bob, it's your own fault. LOL

Rachel :

Congratulations, he is just beautiful! Lovely lovely name too.

Marina :

Well done Amelia. He's gorgeous.... Congratulations!

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