Point and Shoot

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping with my mum and the little Duyvkens for a new phone (Mum) and soccer boots (J) we stopped for coffee and gingerbread men. Billy is just as happy in the baby bjorn as the older 4 all were. I adore the baby wearing stage, slings and carriers rock! My self-portrait skills? Not so much.

Family of Seven - the finished quilt

Suzanne from QuiltSewScrap quilted this on her longarm machine and all I had to do was stitch the binding. She did a beautiful job and I am so pleased that I handed the quilting over to someone else. It would have been sitting on the sewing pile for months if I hadn't. And you know what? I really love this quilt.
I had a few moments of doubt as I always seem to do. Mid-project fatigue always seems to hit. I wasn't going to add a border but the finished size of the quilt wasn't quite big enough for lounging under on the couch so I decided to make a few extra crosses and some borders to make it bigger without containing the design too much. This worked well but the first set of borders I put on were using the diamond dandys fabric and I decided it looked much too busy so I unpicked it all and started again with kona ash. A pain in the neck, of course, but I am glad that I did it because I am much happier with it. The diamond dandys ended up being used as binding so nothing was wasted. I still want to handquilt some detail into the red crosses but I have a baby to hold so will put that off for a while.
I realised as I was putting it together that there are 7 red crosses in this quilt and there are now 7 people in our family. It's like a little secret message in this quilt that only I can read and it's a message that makes me very happy.
* It pains me to write 'dandys' and not 'dandies' but that is the name Denyse Schmidt chose.
See how pedantic I am? Madness!

Petits Details

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Notes from the cocoon.
These newborn weeks are wonderfully funny things. There is so much happening but it is at a pace that I cannot dictate. I just have to surrender to it and, once that has been accepted, it is a joy to bob along with the currents and tides. I am drawn away from looking at the big picture (such a boring 'grown up' thing to do) and pulled towards living life in the small blocks from feed to feed. I am tending to my little duyvkens as though they were chicks in my nest and enjoying being cocooned against the world.
We've been discussing senior school options for G and it has gone against the rhythm that I find myself in. I don't want to look forward and I don't want to look back. I just want to be surrounded by the present and to soak it up as if I have turned my face to the last light of the day and am enjoying feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. So that is what I am doing.
I am making school lunches, helping with homework, playing pretend, picking up toys that have been scattered far and wide, requesting inside voices (a battle I know I will never win and yet I continue foolishly to fight) and enjoying seeing the little treats that surround me like; diamonds of sunshine, impossibly small fingernails, soft muslin wraps and tiny tufts of babysoft down that cover little ears, layers of petals that capture honeyed light,
impossibly perfect squares in the mozzie net over the bassinet and the borealis-like glow from the tiny guardian angel pin that the great-nan gave to JW when she was new.
The great-nan isn't here to hold Billy but he sleeps in the bassinet she bought for her first child, on linen that she bought for me when I was pregnant with G and the angel pin is there too.
I have lots on my to do list but, for the moment, it's not bothering me too much. As long as the laundry is under control, the children have all brushed their teeth and the floor isn't sticky underfoot I am a happy girl!

* Gavina! I hope you'll leave me another note, I am intrigued to find out who you are. How funny that you knew Mr D and me all those years ago.

Happily Home

Monday, March 07, 2011

Good Morning

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Golden light woke me this morning with the littlest duyvken beside me. We both stirred at the same time, slowly gathering our wits and readying ourselves for the rythm of the day ahead, our last full day together in the maternity ward before we go home to fold ourselves back into the rythm of the Duyvken family. We had a gentle day of feedings, visits from mum, JW and C, a settling class, physio for pubic symphysis separation that was pretty bad on Monday (think Zimmer frame) and has gotten progressively better through the week. It should take about 6 weeks to strengthen up again so I'll have to be careful until then but if I can remember to take small strides and ease myself into the car rather than throwing myself in like I usually do I should be alright.
Mr Duyvken came to the hospital this evening to have dinner with me and we sat on the bed together eating indian take-away, gazing at William Robert and talking about the family that we've created. We are constantly amazed by how unique each of the kids are, how differently they respond to the world around them even though they share so much. We talked about how sad it is to be at the end of the 'new baby' stage of our lives. Its fleeting nature is the thing that makes it so very special and we've been very lucky (and a little indulgent!) to enjoy it 5 times. We sat side by side, Mr Duyvken in his Schrodinger t-shirt and me with my puffy ankles, staring at our Billy, a still-shining spark of wonder and opportunity, savouring the moment and trying to fill our memories with how this feels right here and now.
Because this day, this night... I want to reminisce about this when I am older.

The 3rd day

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Billy and Mama


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sweetie arrived at 6:43am on Monday February 28 2011. I went into labour on my own (5th time's a charm) and had a good delivery assisted by a lovely midwife, Deb, who has helped deliver 2 of my other babies and the ever-lovely Dr B. Mr Duyvken kept me on my toes by passing out a couple of times thus adding an appropriate level of drama and comedy to the proceedings. In fact, when the dr and the midwife were standing on either side of me between pushes (the crescendo of the piece you will agree) discussing camera angles that best capture birth I wondered if a certain screenwriter had taken it upon herself to draft a little something just for me.
He has several bloogy aunts I would have loved to sms with the news but darling JW decided to wash my mobile for me on Sunday evening and it's still drying out. She was so proud when she presented me with my dripping wet phone. Combined with the camera screen dying it seemed a more certain sign that labour was imminent than waters' breaking.
The stats - 3.8kgs (8lb 9oz for you imperialists), 49cm long, 35cm head circumference
The name - William Robert. Robert after Mr Duyvken's father and already being called Billy by Mr Duyvken and the kids with potential to be called Billy Bob if he decides to take up a career as a sheep wrangler or someone who holds up convenience stores.
The truth - he is the most beautiful boy and I can't stop looking at him and stroking his velvety cheeks and wispy blonde hair.

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