Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A smidge over 38wks pregnant and waiting for baby.


Mary :

You have moved me to tears...sentimental old bat that I am..

The Coffee Lady :


Lynn :

Okay, put me in the sentimental old bat category, too. You look great (not puffy and jowly the way I did at 38 weeks)!

eurolush :

I'm with Mary, CL and in awe of your ability to make it all happen.

You're amazing, Duyvken! Can't wait to see the baby!

PS-That baby is so very lucky to be joining such an amazing family!

blackbird :

Look how lovely you are!

Eleanor :

Can't wait to welcome little Rock (hehe) into the world.

Stomper Girl :

Gorgeous shot. And I think we're all waiting for the baby! In my memory weeks 38 and on are hideously uncomfortable and Mother Nature's way of making you welcome the prospect of labour! So you know, good uck with all of that

Michelle :

aw, you look wonderful!!! lets hear it for a speedy 2 weeks.

kim at allconsuming :

I am so SO excited.

Jen :

Dang, that went fast! You look beautiful!

Corrie :

looking good! I love the final week or much anticipation and excitement


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