Names from the Family Tree

Several years ago one of Mr Duyvken's cousins started building a family tree online. I get emails every couple of days telling me who is celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I never payed much attention to them until we started hunting for baby names and now I see it as a little pot of inbox gold. Here are a few gems from today's email - Ferdinand, Silver, Boudewijn, Aleida, Roy, Florence and my personal favourite, Alistair Honeybun. Alistair Honeybun is the winner, don't you think?
I'm a little over 34 weeks now and really need to start getting ready for welcoming this little one home. First step, getting the bassinet and capsule out of the shed and freshening them up. I really need to do that this week. I figure if I get a couple of things done each week I'll be all done before the baby arrives. A little self-delusion never hurt, right?
Now to fight humidity-induced lethargy and actually start getting things done!


The Coffee Lady said…
Capsule? Are you sending it into space?
Corrie said…
alistair honeybun, get out of town that is the cutest name ever! oh amelia tell me you're using it:)

what a lovely thing to go back through the family tree like that.

good luck getting ready, it's so different to welcoming baby 1 or 2 because you're just so busy! I'm still finding little 000 socks or jumpsuits that I've put in a 'safe'place!

not long to go now!
Suzy said…
Alistair Honeybun is a fabulous name! Unfortunately my Alistair has a much more humdrum surname, but I still love the name.
What a great way to find baby names. I was trawling movie credits and magazine bylines when I was pregnant with Milla.

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