December 4th

Turning 6 in the rain? A massive success! A bit stressful for mum but a lot of fun for the birthday boy and all his friends.
We had sandwiches, watermelon, superhero juice and some of oma's famous cupcakes. We created super heros, collected snails, jumped on the trampoline, made christmas cards and danced to some fun and wacky songs. And then, after 2 hours of non-stop madness Mr Duyvken and I sat back and put our feet up. Bliss!
I bought a diy printable party set from etsy (oh how I love etsy) seller Bird Crafts Shop. Bird was great to deal with and the printables worked beautifully. She has a range of very cute non-licenced designs that are very easy to work with. Definitely worth checking out if you are planning a party.
J had a wonderful time and is particularly excited that we'll be celebrating with cake again on the 17th for his actual birthday. Maybe he'll even think it was worth waiting all year for.


Bird said…
Looks fab!!!

Thank you for the mention and for sharing!!!

Glad you liked the designs and had a great party! :)


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