December 3rd

We've spent a busy day preparing for J's Super Hero 6th birthday party tomorrow. His birthday is not until the 17th but we all know how long he's been waiting for this so we decided to have it early in December. He's very excited about it!
JW and I spent some time tidying up in the backyard which basically means that I spent 50% of my time raking and 50% of my time pushing JW on the swing. I enjoyed every minute of it! It has been such a wet week that seeing the sunshine come through and dry things up a bit was wonderful.
So, are we ready for 24 children to come over tomorrow? Well, the bunting is made, the party bags are finished and the cake is waiting to be decorated in the morning. As long as the skies remain clear we should be fine. And, just in case the rain returns, I've asked everyone to bring a raincoat and spent a small fortune at the Hot Dollar shop stocking up on rain ponchos. We're as ready as we'll ever be!


Chantal said…
24 children! Wow! Given that you've even bought back up waterproof ponchos I can see that you've thought of everything and I'm sure the day will sail by. I have my fingers crossed for some sunshine for you : )
The Coffee Lady said…
24? My thoughts are with you.

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