December 2nd

Today we celebrated my mum's birthday with one of her signature dishes, butterfly cakes. These may be the reason that I am often disappointed by the cupcakes that I occasionallybuy at those gourmet cupcake outlets. Those bakeries can try but no-one makes cupcakes like my mum. Even after years of trying using her exact recipe I can't make them taste quite the same. She's just got the knack! I know my sister in Boston misses mum's cupcakes almost more than anything else about Sydney.
So, although I can't share one with you please help yourself, in a virtual/cyber sense, to one from the plate above and imagine sharing it with us on mum's deck this afternoon as we watched the rain clouds roll away and enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine that were left behind.


Fran said…
they truly look scrumptious Amelia, and what a splendid way to spend your mum's birthday!

I love your thankful tree too :)
Lynn said…
That was delicious - thanks for sharing. And happy birthday, Amelia's mum!

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